Ripple Effect # 1

Ripple Effect # 1

This is two Ripple Effect puzzles (Rules of Ripple Effect). They look like Suguru puzzles, in fact these two kinds of puzzle have the same rules (fill each region of size N with number 1 to N).  The differences are :

1) A number in cell can touch in diagonal the same number (contrary to Suguru)

2) For a row or a column each number N in a cell must not have the same number in the N following cells. By example if a cell has a 3 then the next three cells up,down, right and left have no 3.


These two puzzles are easy.


Ripple 8x8 : 4


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: ripple_8X8_00004.pdf

Solution : ripple_8X8_00004_sol.pdf




Ripple 8x8 :5


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: ripple_8X8_00005.pdf

Solution : ripple_8X8_00005_sol.pdf

Have good time !



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